Roto's Magic Act

Blurt Magazine: “A masterful pop songwriter. . . Casual brilliance.”

What a treat, on the day of my new album’s release, to have the extremely well-respected Blurt Magazine give Into the Unknown a four-star review, in which they say that, “There are so many good songs on Into the Unknown it’s hard to imagine how this talented musician and songwriter doesn’t have a classic catalog awaiting rediscovery.” Writer Michael Toland really got inside the lyrics as well as the music, and I’m just so pleased to have someone as articulate and obviously well-informed as him speak so highly of this album. Feels good! I encourage everyone to head on over to to grab a copy of the album, sign up for cool exclusives (I’ll read your Tarot cards!) and support my efforts to get the band on the road, and to support the NRDC’s efforts to protect the Grey Wolf at the same time. Thanks so much for being a part of this labor of love!