Roto's Magic Act


There are only two letters separating “music” and “magic,” and on the aptly titled double-album “Into the Unknown” by Roto’s MagicAct, the distance seems even more immaterial, an ace of hearts slipped between the worlds of sound, song and audio sleight of hand. Conceived and written by the former Mr. Bungle and Air (French Band) multi-instrumentalist and singer known as Roto (aka James Rotondi, the guitar ace behind the Grassy Knoll, Jettatura and the Cringe), “Into the Unknown” is a neo-classic rock album writ large, a 15-song “continuous sound” journey, blending ambitious songs and evocative sound design, in the grand tradition of ‘70s rock epics like Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.

For more information about Magic Act bandleader James “Roto” Rotondi please watch the video below or visit his other website – here.

Video by Bob Green