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406840_3052963528820_1235381479_nNeed a little push to jumpstart your songwriting? Be sure to check out my new blog series about the songwriting aspects of “Into the Unknown,” at, and take the “Write a Song a Week” challenge with me—you can do it, and I can help!

Fall Dates! Sept 10 @ Rockwood1; Oct 3 @ Dino BBQ Bklyn!

As summer days give way, I want to say thanks to everyone who supported us the last few months in Philly, Boston and New York, and let you know about some exciting upcoming NYC area dates this Fall.

• September 10, 7PM, at Rockwood Music Hall 1, in NYC.
• October 3, 8PM at Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn.
• October 9, 5-7, solo show at Goorin Brothers, W’burg.

Looking forward to the Fall, to cool new songs, and some exciting new magic to share with you all! Though the Pledge campaign is closed, you can still buy the new album at iTunes, CDBaby, and more! And please leave a comment if you’re moved to!

Thanks for keeping the Magic Act in your life! ROTO


Roto’s Magic Solo Act at The Middle East/Corner Bar in Cambridge, MA July 31!

A magical wave of the wand to my BOSTON hometown peeps! I’ll be performing in Central Square, Cambridge, at the Middle East’s Corner Bar, on Thursday, July 31 at 9PM—there’s just a modest $5 cover, and I’ll be doing all kinds of live guitar looping, magic tricks and incantations, and of course, loads of songs from Into the Unknown! Really hope you can make it to this homecoming show—and don’t forget, there’s still time to order the new album at PledgeMusic!


ONE DAY LEFT at! We need you!

With one day left on our PledgeMusic campaign, we’re so  tantalizingly close to our goal, but we’re not over the finish line yet! Thanks so much to those of you who’ve gotten on board, and here’s a dose of encouragement to those who haven’t: PLEDGE NOW—we’re counting on you, and so excited to send you our new album, which Blurt Magazine is praising as “masterful” and the NY Observer is calling a “killer new record.” Pledge now and get all our cool exclusives and updates, plus a copy of the CD!


Roto Performs “Chronically” Live on NBC’s Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase!

I was delighted to perform “Chronically” with Phil Sterk on NBC’s Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase—the video debuts today! Proud to have Roto’s Magic Act be part of Jimmy’s excellent adventure. Check it out here. . . . !

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.23.13 AM

Guitar World Magazine Video Premiere: “Howling at the Moon”

Really exciting news—Guitar World Magazine is premiering my brand new video today, “Howling at the Moon,” directed by Adam Erick Wallace, who shot the whole thing in Super 8—it’s an homage to the magic silent films of French film pioneer George Melies, with some Lon Chaney thrown in. . . ! Starring me, lovely French actress Coline Jourdana, and a beautiful white wolf. . . . Enjoy, and please go to to get your copy of Into the Unknown today!

Howling Video Screen Shot

Blurt Magazine: “A masterful pop songwriter. . . Casual brilliance.”

What a treat, on the day of my new album’s release, to have the extremely well-respected Blurt Magazine give Into the Unknown a four-star review, in which they say that, “There are so many good songs on Into the Unknown it’s hard to imagine how this talented musician and songwriter doesn’t have a classic catalog awaiting rediscovery.” Writer Michael Toland really got inside the lyrics as well as the music, and I’m just so pleased to have someone as articulate and obviously well-informed as him speak so highly of this album. Feels good! I encourage everyone to head on over to to grab a copy of the album, sign up for cool exclusives (I’ll read your Tarot cards!) and support my efforts to get the band on the road, and to support the NRDC’s efforts to protect the Grey Wolf at the same time. Thanks so much for being a part of this labor of love!


New Album Review at!

Tired of albums that sound like the same song repeated all the way through? Pre-order Roto’s Magic Act’s defiantly eclectic new album Into the Unknown at, which praises as “ambitious,” “a study in subtleties,” and one of this year’s “sleeper albums,” with “wickedly skilled guitar work.” “You’re likely to find a favorite track here,” says Powerpopaholic, “whether it be power-pop, hard rock, country-rock or folk.” Check out the full review at


Get the new CD: Join our PledgeMusic Pre-Order Campaign!

We’re really excited to invite you to join the community behind our PledgeMusic PRE-ORDER campaign, where, in addition to getting your copy of our new CD, Into the Unknown, you’ll also get the inside scoop on the making of the album, get regular updates right up until our May 13 release date, and have your choice of lots of cool exclusives, too, including guitar lessons, tarot readings, signed CDs, and much more. We’d love to have your support and spirit with us on this—check out my brand new intro video here!

The new album is officially coming out May 13, and we’ve got great things happening—a 5-star review at Celebrity, a song premiere at American Songwriter, an upcoming appearance on NBC’s Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, and much, much more, including, yep, this cool pre-order campaign through Pledge Music, with tarot readings and other dreamy extras. Stay tuned, magical friends—and come join us where music and magic meet!

Check out Roto’s Magic Act’s brand new cover of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett’s “Long Gone”; dig the live video of “Circus Clown,” and like Roto’s Magic Act on Facebook. . .  !


Just Added—April Fools Show at Mercury Lounge, with Goodbye Motel

Roto’s Magic Act is totally psyched to be opening this April Fools show for the mighty Goodbye Motel, at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. In order to adequately prepare you for their all-encompassing 4D experience, I will be performing a number of supernatural feats, involving space, time, and the four elements, along with a set of dreamy, dangerous acoustic songs and sounds; so please come early—Roto’s Magic Act is on at 7PM—and settle in for what promises to be a very magical evening, indeed. . . . @rotomagicact goodbyemotel’s 4D LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE